Social SEO Pro

Welcome to my Social SEO Pro Review. I hope my review about Social SEO Pro will help you to have more information before you decide to buy it.

Social SEO Pro Overview

  •  Vendor: Mike Johnson
  • Product: Social SEO Pro
  • Launch Date: 2014-05-05
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Niche: SEO & Traffic

Social SEO Pro Review

Social SEO Pro – Plugin for wordpress

What is Social SEO Pro ?

WP Plugin Social SEO Pro would give your blog to the next level of Social medial. Optimizing SEO by WordPress Blog for Facebook, Google Plus, Rich Snippet Microdata, Twitter, Pinterest, HTML5 Boilerplate, Local SEO, Video SEO, and More. TheSocial SEO Pro also awill establish your web to Google Authorship and Publisher quickly! In the Internet is not available other Plugin to have full Social Media Optimization to your website faster.

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Social SEO Pro – Main Feature

Boost Rankings by 4 Positions in Google Instantly!
With the Rich Snippet optimizations in the SEO Pro Plugin, users are seeing an instant jump in rank by 4 positions or more just by installing and setting up the plugin. No other plugin can do anything close to this!

Google AND Facebook Authorship/ Publisher optimization!
The ONLY plugin to not only allow users to setup Google Authorship and Publisher status, but now it can also instantly setup your site for Facebook Authorship and Publisher status as well. Plus, you can select which pages, posts, and custom post types you want to use Authorship on. Just select and go!

Local SEO with KML Files and GEO Sitemaps!
Need to optimize for Local SEO? We have that too. Optimize your sites for Local SEO using our targeted Rich Snippet Microdata for Business, then integrate with Google Maps, Bing maps, and Mapquest by using powerful GEO Sitemaps and KML files built automatically for you with SEO Pro! Rich Snippet Microdata optimization beyond any other SEO Plugin!
The SEO Pro plugin uses Google Webmaster best practices by adding rich snippet microdata from for Article Markup, Local Business, Reviews, Events, Software, Products, and now even individual pages and posts! There are so many options here it is impossible to write about all of them here! No other plugin online has this capability to optimize your website!

Facebook Open Graph, Google Plus Itemprop, and Twitter Cards!
Connect and optimize exactly how your content is socially shared using the most powerful social API integrations available online for powerful social sharing and SEO. No one else is doing this. Not Yoast, not ALL in One SEO….NO ONE!

Image and Mobile Optimizations and Sitemaps!
Create optimized sitemaps for your site images and use our powerful HTML5 Boilerplace .htaccess optimizations for ehnahced mobile optimization and speed for your sites. Heard enough? There’s even more! Promote now and have your subscribers thanking you later!


Time For Your Turn

Finally, it’s your turn, make the decision and get success through online business. If you find out this review do not enough for you, click here to get more info about Social SEO Pro and its benefits. The most important thing of all, Social SEO Pro has 100% money back guarantees in case you are not satisfied with this tool.

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Blog Defender


Blog Defender Review – Overview

  • Creator:  SEO UK Ltd
  • Product: BlogDefender
  • Niche:  Software
  • Launch Day : 2014 – 04 – 23
  • Launch Time : 11:00 AM EDT
  • Price : $ 17 – $37
  • Website :

Blog Defender

Blog Defender – Total WP Security

What is BlogDefender ?

BlogDefender : Secure your WP blog from hackers, 15+ step-by-step tutorial videos, with checklist & offer as a service to offline clients

Protect Your WordPress Sites From Hackers, Malware, Bots & Other Bad Traffic With Our Proven Set & Forget WordPress Security

BlogDefender is the most updated and comprehensive WP site security system, covering not only hosting and the only plugins to use. but also includes some very special secret tools and code for keeping out hackers and the real nasty “super powered” botnets that have started appearing.

BlogDefender NEW IN 2014: Faster & Easier Install, Tighter Server Security, Kick Out Policy, File Monitoring, Link Tracking, Spam Blocking, Reputation Checking, Security Audits + more…

Exposed: See how hosting companies fail website owners by total lack of transparency about shared & reseller accounts.
Revealed: Our annual hosting report Names Good & Bad Hosts – our JV community names the best & worst hosts.
Secured: Learn to avoid all the major WordPress security holes without using costly plugins or paying monthly fees to “WordPress Security Specialists”.

BlogDefender SUMMARY: Easy WordPress Security


Host Security Advisory
Plugin Security Audits
Theme Security Audits
Anti Brute Force Security
Anti Cross-Site Scripting
MySQL Database Security
Nefarious Traffic Blocking
Hiding WordPress ‘Tell Tale’
Anti Comment Spam
File & Link Monitoring
Know Offender Blocking
Automating Core Updates
WordPress Security Audit
BlogDefender INFO :

WordPress Security Video Tutorials
Plugins & Tools Pack
WordPress Security PDF/DOC
SEOUK bespoke htaccess file
BlogDefender 2014 Covers All The Key Bases:

Host Security & Recommended List of Respected Hosts
Using Tools To Identify Risky Themes & Plugins
Implementing Site Security (Tools & Plugins Provided)
Optional PC Security Masterclass Training (At Checkout)

Watch video Blog defender 2014 demo

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Feature Of BlogDefender

Blog Defender 2014 – A Simple Solution…Set & Forget WordPress Security in Minutes!

BlogDefender Total WP Security 2014 Features:

Hide WordPress “Tell Tale” Signs
Hide WP Login URLs
Add Extra Authentication to Login
Hide SQL Database
Security Audit Your Themes/Plugins
Block Scumbags With a Bespoke .htaccess
Block Cross Site Script Attacks
Block SQL Injection Attacks
Block Brute Force Attacks
Block Fake Bots
Block Content Scrapers
Tighten File & Directory Security
Perform Basic Penetration Tests
Automate Critical WP/Plugin Updates


This is the best endeavors policy geared to give your site the ideal protection for the money in minimal time frame. Like all security solutions it’ll never be perfect, only as well as we can make it with the tools & information to date.

With BlogDefender, you get easy-to-follow videos, as well as a detailed checklist you could download. You are literally walked through the entire process of securing your blog against hackers, which has given me real comfort.

This can be a growing issue that all website owners are facing; so it isn’t going vanish. Prevention is better than cure, particularly as many of the nastier hacks around can literally ruin your business.

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Traffic Mice

Traffic Mice Review

  • Vendor: Precious Ngwu
  • Name of Product: Traffic Mice
  • Kind: Software
  • Start Time : 2014 – 04 – 21 11:00 AM EDT
  • Sell Price:$ 37
  • Bonus Offer: Click here
  • Official Website:

Traffic Mice , Traffic Mice Review

 Traffic Mice Review & Bonus

What is Traffic Mice?

The Traffic Mice software application utilizes the power of adobe air to automate your traffic generation. This software application is designed to be a full ‘traffic-in-box’ to assist you entirely annihilate the competitors with its effective ranking energy.

The goal of this software program is to automate the entire procedure, so all you have to do is merely go into a keyword. The software program uses this keyword to promote your rankings on both YouTube and Google intelligently and immediately.

This something that really has actually never ever been generated previously, and the developer Valuable Ngwu, has personally mentioned that he has NEVER EVER constructed anything this powerful just before …

Some of the benefits of this software program are not needing to worry about doing substantial keyword research to find the out one of the most lucrative keywords. This software program is developed to take care of all the dirty work and leave you to loosen up and “grab the cherries”.

With this software application, you can ask goodbye to writing another piece of content … Simply pop in a keyword and regarding 60 secs later this remarkable software will certainly create ONE HUNDRED % original, higher quality and human-readable content leaving you in awe …

And the best part is the rankings and traffic are quality traffic with this software. All you need to do is enter into in your keywords and YouTube video URL and press “LAUNCH”. The software will utilize its sophisticated modern technology and supply incredible outcomes.

The software program likewise comes with straightforward analytics to effortlessly track your rankings.

Understand that this is not a software for constructing back links, this is a software program that ensures your very first web page rankings (Youtube & Google). As Valuable consistently states, “Backlinking is for infants, Traffic Mice is for Serious Marketers”…

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Feature Of Traffic Mice

How does Traffic Mice work ?

Picture a team of experts working 24/7 to :

Find huge profitable, high volume keywords
Analyze your best competition and take all their biggest ranking
Work 7 days a week to rank you on first page of Google/Youtube with human like precision
Traffic Mice Benefits :

All in one SEO Traffic Automation
Know to leave competitors crying as they disappear off Google and Youtube… and your content takes the place towards the top
See the feature Traffic Mice software is packing… You know exactly what you’re getting

1. Premium ROI Based keyword research technology :

Our everything in one SEO Software blows any keyword tools from the water. We built this using the tachnology we’ve been using to find high profitable keywords
With this, you can be target a winner everytime… which is why Traffic Mice is such a game changer
2. Your Competiton: Butt Neked :

Traffic Mice exposes everything your competitors are doing for ranking and Exploits their weaknesses for your benefit. This is another game changing feature that you’re only going to get with Traffic Mice
3. Competitor Isolation Technology :

Isolate your competitor and discover exactly why they’re ranking & getting traffic
You will possess all of the secrets you’ve been missing out on: the reasons you haven’t been ranking…finally righ here…Then you start to rank right NOW…
4. Lethal Humen Accuracy writing Technology :

Just enter your main & LSI keywords and have this traffic beast write a 100% human readable and completely original article that will dominate Google and Youtube
It can write a full 500+ word articlein3 minutes and up to 20 human written articles in just 1 hour…one you fire up this technology, it’s like 10+ dedicated team members who do the job 24/7 so that you can outrank and outearn all of your current competitors starting right NOW!
Nothing is as LETHAL or as quickly as Traffic Mice
5. HIT LAunch And Blast Off:

Here’s where the real magic happens
After you’ve clicked the first two buttons to setup your campaign…
YOu clickLaunch and the software blast off
Helping you performing all of today’s SEO secrets that work to help you get onto the first page of Google and Youtube… Picture Your content in those top slots right now
6. Sleek UI for Easy CampaignAccess and Management :

It will even track your results for you
No extra software or coding needed
With Traffic Mice : YOu will download the software…Click Instant…Press the button 3 times and All one the work is done

(Adobe Air Desktop Software works for PC, MAC, and it brain dead Convenient to use)


To summarize, for several benefits and features stated above and my very own, personal, personal encounters. I’m honest to condition that Traffic Mice is a superb investment, as this is frequently tool for virtually every site anytime. It will help your web marketing work be quick and simple as you possibly can to ensure that options a shorter time for you to handle other works…

Finally, it’s your turn, decide and acquire success through internet business. The important thing factor factor of, Traffic Mice has 100% money-back guarantees just just just just just in case you aren’t pleased with this process.

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Keyword Advantage

Keyword Advantage overview

  • Vendor:                Mark Thompson et al
  • Product:               Keyword Advantage
  • Launch Date:     2014-04-28
  • Oficial site:
  • Niche:                  General
  • Bonus :                Click here

Keyword Advantage , Keyword Advantage Review  Keyword Advantage Review & bonus

About Keyword Advantage ?

Since 2009, Keyword Advantage has given over 32,000 marketers in unfair advantage in the search engines.

Until now, this tool has been kept under lock and key inside the Niche Profit Classroom community…but we’ve decided to open the doors to the general public.

Keyword Advantage is the simplest, yet the most effective tool available for getting more organic traffic from the search engines.

Within seconds, KA will unearth hundreds of low cost, low competition, high search volume buyer keywords in ANY niche, for easy, fast organic search engine rankings.

To date, Keyword Advantage has helped marketers achieve over 10,000 Top 10 Google rankings drive millions of visitors to their target websites.

With this launch, we’ll be giving thousands more the power to quickly achieve better rankings, get more traffic, and make more money online.

Keyword Advantage – Main Feature

Watch video  about  Keyword advantage

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The Sales Funnel

  • OTO #1 is a Flat-Fee membership to our premier Internet marketing training website, Niche Profit Classroom. NPC provides tools and training for building simple little websites that make as much as $1000 per month on autopilot, using the Keyword Advantage tool. It’s a repeatable and proven system that has helped over 32,000 people to make money online.
  • OTO #2 is a set of 10 complete “business-in-a-box” niche websites that customers can start making money from right away. Customers can launch these websites immediately and use Keyword Advantage to secure high search engine rankings quickly and easily.
  • OTO #3 is a set of “Link Tracks,” which reveals an unusual source of completely FREE backlinks that Google and other search engines love. The package includes over 100 easy linking opportunities.
  • OTO #4 is a set of 50 of pre-researched hot markets, carefully chosen using the same method I use for my own most successful projects.

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Keyword Advantage - Conclusion

To summarize, for several product or service benefits stated above and my own , personal, personal, personal encounters. I’m honest to condition that Keyword Advantage is worth the cost, as this is frequently tool for virtually every site anytime. It can help your online marketing work be easy and straightforward as you possibly can to ensure that options a shorter time to deal with other works…

Finally, it’s your turn, decide and acquire success through online business. The # 1 consideration factor factor of, Keyword Advantage has 100% money back guarantees for those who aren’t pleased with this method.

Keyword Advantage review , Keyword Advantage download


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WP Sales Bar Plugin


WP Sales Bar Plugin Overview

WP Sales Bar Plugin !WP Sales Bar Plugin Review

WP Sales bar plugin 

So What Is WP Sales Bar Plugin?

WP Sales Bar Quickly & Easily Improves Your Conversions, Bounce Rates & Sales .You Can Quickly & Easily Create An Attention Grabbing CTA Button Like The One You See On This Page To Instantly Boost Conversions.


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WP Sales Bar Plugin – Main Feature

  •  Get More Business

People judge you to be professional when they see something as snazzy as WP Sales Bar on your site.
Make Money Now

  • Keep Your Disk Space – WP Sales Bar Is Lightweight

This plugin barely takes up any disk space – it’s easy on your server, but not on your conversions!
Get WP Sales Bar

  • Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Being able to quickly find the best offer on your site means that clicking through to it must be easy. This plugin will solve all your profit boosting needs.

Who Is WP Sales Bar Plugin For?

  1.  WP Sales Bar Plugin is for everyone
  2. It is the best choice for Online Marketers, Offine Marketers, Product Owners, Services, Affiliate, Marketers,etc ..

 >>> Download WP Sales Bar Plugin  RIGHT NOW <<<


I appreciate your patient to read here. My review has shown you all the inside and outside information about WP Sales Bar Plugin. I am sure that WP Sales Bar Plugin is the best choice for everyone who want to make cash flow from internet business. “A success depend so much on the decision” and now this is a time for you to give a decision!

Time For Your Turn

 Finally, it’s your turn, make the decision and get success through online business. If you find out this review do not enough for you, click here to get more info about WP Sales Bar Plugin  and its benefits. The most important thing of all, WP Sales Bar Plugin has 100% money back guarantees in case you are not satisfied with this Software.

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Commission Checklist

Commission Checklist -Affiliate Website Builder  overview

  • Vendor:     Ross Carrel
  • Product:   Commission Checklist
  • Launch Date:    2014-04-22
  • Launch Time:   12:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:   $997
  • Bonus Page: Clicking here to receive huge bonus worth over $1200
  • Website: Click here for more information!

Commission Checklist ! course design websiteCommission Checklist - Affiliate Website Builder

What is Commission Checklist  ?

Commission Checklist is the first and only true step-by-step, take you by the hand system for generating real, measurable results.

The system has several components coupled with an intensive 6 week live training program, built on a proven system for creating high-powered affiliate sites that get traffic and make money.  We also have massive proof, from our own sites and previous students who didn’t even have a 1/4 of the tools that the new Commission Checklist offers.

Watch Commission Checklist deno

>>> Click here to see full Commission Checklist <<<


Commission Checklist – Main Feature

Extensive Training & Resources:

  • 6 week live coaching course going from A to Z using the system to build a high powered affiliate site that gets results

  • A training video accompanies each step of the process within the central platform so there is absolutely no second guessing

  • Extra case studies and resources to help put the point on everything we’ll teach and have taught in the course.

The Commission Checklist Central Platform:

  • A central platform where you login and manage all of your affiliate sites and campaigns

  • Built-in progress indicators throughout the entire system showing exactly how you’re doing

  • Step by step action wizard where you have the action (do this), a training video for each (the how) and software to facilitate finishing the task and making definite measurable progress without second guessing

  • Create an unlimited number of campaigns (affiliate sites) and manage them all from one location

The Commission Checklist Theme  & Plugin:

  • A powerful combination that once installed, allows the user to never have to touch their site again.  Everything is managed from the central platform from a single location.

  • Clean, simple design for reducing distractions and improving readability, focus on conversion elements and click through rates.

  • Built for speed  and top performance using the Google Page Speed tool suggestions.  Comes optimized for all suggestions out of the box.

  • Generates optimized code that helps the search engines better understand the page and it’s contents.  This is a huge advantage on the competition as 99% of them are not using this technology.

  • Automatically places your banners in conversion hotspots using appropriate and proven banner sizes that get the highest CTR.

  • Presentation and design elements optimized for reading on all devices from smartphones to tablets, to extra large desktop monitors.

  • Integrated Google Authorship which gets your image in the search engines beside each of your listings.

And much, much more…  

Bottom line is, your subscribers and followers have never seen anything like this.

It’s a fresh and unique approach that practically forces you to get results.   And on top of that, for each step there is a software component that does 99% of the work for you.

It truly is the one and only system that offers such a complete blend of power tools and training/coaching.


In conclusion, Commission Checklist is your best choice. The last good news that will make your excited about this product are so successfully satisfied the customers that Ross Carrel is confident to offer Commission Checklist with 100% money back guarantee – no question asked. It means that you have no risk give it a try, right? So what are you waiting for? Put your hands on it and see how it works yourself without a risk for your pocket now!

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Backlink Skyrocket 2.0

Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 – Overview

  • Vendor: Dan Lew
  • Product: Backlink Skyrocket 2.0
  • Launch Date: 2014-04-16
  • Launch Time: 09:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $47
  • Niche: Backlink Sofware

backlink software backlink skyrocket-2-0Backlink Software – Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 

What is Backlink Skyrocket 2.0

Backlink Software - Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 is a web based browser software, so no need to install any desktop programmers. With Backlink Skyrocket 2.0, your backlink looking totally natural in Googles eyes. Our process involves strategically allowing the user to post rich content to the Social Hubs getting unlimited Social Signal backlink juice which everyone is raving on about these days plus rich content posts on social networks which are crawlable by Google and then getting backlinks to those pages. It also uses a 2 tier system with no track backs ensuring nothing is leaked which looks unnatural.

If you likes getting natural, slow and steady links which are drip fed enabling them to rank in top of Google without putting much work in, then you are going to love the new version. We redeveloped the new version from scratch and is nothing like the original.

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What Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 can do:

  • Cutting Edge Web Based “Cloud” Submission System
  • Easy to Use Account Creation Software
  • Unlimited Projects, Scheduling & Drip Feeding
  • Link Indexing, Rank Tracking, Link Wheels & Pyramids
  • Article Scraping & Auto-Content Syndication System
  • 2 Tier Link System

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 Backlink Software – Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 Main Feature 

  • Cloud based linkbuilding – No software downloads needed
  • Build your own link networks via projects
  • Over 12 different link types (Link Diversity)
  • 2 tier link building…
  • Easy to read backlink reports…
  • Over 5000 submissions per month


In conclusionBacklink Software - Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 is your best choice. The last good news that will make your excited about this product are so successfully satisfied the customers that Dan Lew is confident to offer Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 with 100% money back guarantee – no question asked. It means that you have no risk give it a try, right? So what are you waiting for? Put your hands on it and see how it works yourself without a risk for your pocket now!

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CB Chief

CB Chief – overview

  • Vendor: Stefan van der Vlag
  • Product: CB Chief
  • Launch Date: 2014-04-14
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Niche : Software
  • 100% money back guarantee

CB Chief ! CB Chief review

CB Chief – Plugin for wordpress

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Seo Knockout

Seo Knockout Review – The Overview

  •   Product NameSEO Knockout
  •   Creator: Stanislav Lem
  •   Launch Date: 2014-04-12 at 11:00 EDT
  •   Bonus Page: Yes – Clicking here 
  •   Price$27 – $97


Seo Knockout Review ! Seo Knockout

Seo Knockout – Google TOP 3 in Day


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WordPress Security Clampdown

WordPress Security Clampdown overview

  • ProductWordPress Security Clampdown
  •  Creator:   Shaun Pearce
  • Price: $10 – $17
  • Launch Date: 2014-4-08
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST

WordPress Security Clampdown ! WordPress Security Clampdown ReviewWordPress Security Clampdown 

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